Hi Torsten,
I'm aware of that but it leaves foreign customers in a bad situation if their german is not really good. However since I come from a country which almost speaks english as second native language (our government even have fully english supported systems/services/websites), I would have expected it from a big country like germany. It surprises me though that so few people here are able to speak english at all.

In the meantime the activation did (of course) also not happen yesterday. DHL never came by and since it's still not working, I'm starting to think that UM have sent me a new fritzbox... I'm starting to get used to probably never going to have my internet working here again.. lol

That's very unfortunate. I did send a message to them on FB, no response for a week and now they have directed everyone to use this forum... Where unfortunately there is still not help to get.

Nevertheless I spoke to the customer service once again yesterday... The second guy I spoke to was nice as the first lady just hung up on me immediately when I asked if she spoke english. Anyways they promised it would be active that day (friday). This did not happen and late this night I got an email saying that some new hardware is on the way to me as well as the activation day is today (saturday). Why do I now need new hardware?

@Torsten - Sind der nicht Unitymedia Kundemitarbeitern auf diesem Forum? Oder können diese Leute auch nicht English verstanden?

When will customer service get training in IT and organizing things?

Hi, I'm going to make this short, as the long version on facebook was not answered. After 3 years as a satisfied customer, I must say I'm deeply... mehr
Freitag, 14.10.2016 um 07:42 Uhr