Hi Torsten,
my post was not about WLAN connection speed, it was about how I see what UM will do. Use same router antennas to serve my WLAN network and Wi-Fi hotspot at same time. And regarding my speed I have that measured with direct cable connection between notebook and Horizon device and in best case I receive 78 Mb/s, but mostly is between 60-70 Mb/s.
sorry but I must write this on English because my German is bad. I have more technical questions regarding this Wi-Fi hotspots. As I have understand, UM will use current router and tweak him with SW update to act as two access points with two different IP addresses. But finally horizon router have physicals antennas which send and receive signals. The questions is how that will not reflect to my usage of internet when one or two antennas will serve hotspot and other two-one antennas will used in my house (for 802.11/n router needs 3 antennas). that mean I and my family will receive lower connection with router because of that Wi-Fi hotspot. And the best is that I pay for connection of 120Mb/s (before 150 Mb/s) and I received in best case 78 Mb/s; and how UM will deliver me promised 120Mb/s with Wi-Fi hotspot turned on when they can't deliver more then 80Mb/s?!
Donnerstag, 12.05.2016 um 14:07 Uhr