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VPN mit IPv4

hello to all great warriors of the UM community ,

ich muss sage dass meine Deutsche kintnesse ist nich so gut , dafur schreibe ich in englisch.

i have switched from normal UM internet to Business UM and now i am running 150Mb/sec and i wish to create a secure VPN so i could access my home network from any where in the world!
i have received the HITRON MODEM for UM business and i can confirm that i am now on IPv4

question is, what do i have to do and maybe what do i have to buy extra to get the IPv4 working ?
UM support suggested that i have to buy a new fritzbox ! where i would use it for port forwarding !!
it was not explained to me that way when i ordered the UM business and i though, having the HITRON and the IPv4 will simply work !

UM support team was not sure if i am going to need a static IP or not !!

can you please support me or guide me through a youtube video ?
is there any solution with one device ? maybe i could send back the Hitron and buy the fritzbox ?

i humbly thank you in advance
Danke im voraus
Ashraf Ghoneim
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  • Donnerstag, 11.05.2017 um 22:22 Uhr
You just rent Business Internet (without phone)?
If you are sure you need no phone you can install any Router you are familiar with it, behind the modem.
In your case a fixed IP is not necessary.
If you like to use a Fritzbox you just look on prices. You could use any actual DSL-Fritzbox behind Hitron.
Or you ask for changing contract in "Internet and phone" without fixed IP. In this contract you get a Fritzbox 6490.
  • Samstag, 13.05.2017 um 10:04 Uhr
selbstverständlich benötigst du auch einen Router, der die VPN-Verbindung aufbaut. Welchen Du da nehmen willst, bleibt dir überlassen.
Und klar, die Fritzbox macht das ganze natürlich viel einfacher. Kauf oder miete dir eine Fritzbox 6490 Cable Retail oder 6590 Cable Retail, dort kannst du eine VPN-Verbindung recht einfach einrichten. Dazu gibt es auch einen Guide von AVM.de (für iPhones: https://goo.gl/mJmskB, für Android: https://goo.gl/guZm7r).

of course, you also need a router that establishes the VPN connection. What you want to take is left to you.
And clearly, the Fritzbox makes the whole course much easier. Buy or rent a Fritzbox 6490 Cable Retail or 6590 Cable Retail, there you can set up a VPN connection quite simply. There is also a guide from AVM.de (for iPhones: https://goo.gl/mJmskB, for Android: https://goo.gl/guZm7r).