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Upload speed sucks

Sorry to do this in English, but my German is not so good yet to be able to write all this correctly.
I'm wondering, why is nobody complaining about the speeds unitymedia gives compared to the prices. Especially if you look at the upload speed. They have a maximum of 10mb, while if you would look at NetCologne, for example. they offer up to 40mb upload, with the same router.
This needs to change. 10mb Upload is the speed we had 10 years ago and it makes working from home impossible.
I called to the servicedesk a few times, and all they could offer me was 120 euro a month package with 20 (yes, only 20) mb upload. 😡
Does anybody else have problems?
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  • Dienstag, 18.07.2017 um 23:33 Uhr
Momentan bietet UM maximal 20 MBit/s Upload an, dieser ist im 2play/3play FLY 400 (anders als beworben) bereits enthalten. Der 2play FLY 400 kostet für Bestandskunden im Monat 44,99 €, der 3play FLY 400 kostet 54,99 € im Monat.

Currently UM offers a maximum of 20 MBit/s upload, this is already included in the 2play / 3play FLY 400 (other than advertised). The 2play FLY 400 costs 44.99 € for inventory customers per month, the 3play FLY 400 costs 54.99 € per month.
  • Dienstag, 18.07.2017 um 23:35 Uhr
Aber ich würde im Moment noch abwarten, spätestens im nächsten Jahr wird es wohl die Gigabit-Tarife mit höherem Upload geben.

But I would wait at the moment, at the latest next year it will be probably the gigabit tariffs with higher upload.
  • Dienstag, 18.07.2017 um 23:41 Uhr
Thanks for the response.
They told me it is 10mb and that you can't have a ipv4 adress with those contracts.
Do you have more information about those new speeds, or are they just rumours?
  • Dienstag, 18.07.2017 um 23:50 Uhr
Nein, die neuen Tarife kennt noch niemand genau. Allerdings hat Unitymedia ja die Gigabit-Tarife für 2018 angekündigt. Hier der Link zur Meldung: https://goo.gl/1ASUg7

Als Privatkunde bekommst du bei Unitymedia bereits seit 2013 nur noch einen IPv6-Anschluss mit DS lite, mit Ausnahme der 3plays mit Horizon als Modem. Da die Horizon (noch) kein DS lite kann, wird dort aktuell noch IPv4 geschaltet. Allerdings weiß niemand, wie lange noch, denn die Feldtests für IPv6 mit DS lite laufen schon länger.

No, no one knows the new tariffs. However, Unitymedia has announced the Gigabit tariffs for 2018. Here is the link to the message: https://goo.gl/1ASUg7

As a private customer you get at Unitymedia since 2013 only one IPv6 connection with DS lite, except the 3plays with Horizon as a modem. Since the Horizon (still) no DS lite can, there is currently still switched IPv4. However, no one knows how long, because the field tests for IPv6 with DS lite have been running for some time.
  • Mittwoch, 19.07.2017 um 00:11 Uhr
ok thanks,

I have a business account, because I needed to have a ipv4 address to connect to my home office, and that doesn't work with DS lite.
If I would have known all this in advance, I would probably never have chosen UM
  • Mittwoch, 19.07.2017 um 00:51 Uhr
Dann darfst du in Deutschland zu keinem Kabelnetz- oder Glasfaser-Provider wechseln, denn die setzen alle IPv6-Anschlüsse mit DS lite ein, da sie kaum IPv4-Adressen haben.

Then you may switch in Germany to no cable network or optical fiber provider, because they all use IPv6 connections with DS lite, since they have hardly IPv4 addresses
  • Mittwoch, 19.07.2017 um 22:42 Uhr
Ich habe IPv4 mit UM jetzt.