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Lob an den Kundenservice

Hello, first of all My name is Kiss Sebastin, i could try to write this in german but that would take too long. I think everybody understands what i'm about to tell you here. So i moved into a new location, then i called UnityMedia to install 3play paket. On the phone with CustomersSupport was a guy named Kevin *****. He wanted to verify my adress and see if i can make a contract with unitymedia at that adress, (I'll spare some words here) there was a problem and they said in system i can't order the 3play paket at my adress. Good things said and done i explained to him that my landlord has internet from unitymedia. ****** asked me a few questions and said he'll call me in two days ( i think the next day was his day of* I THINK). Today 04.06.2016 I recived a call from ****** and we Agreed on some details about the contract i'm going to make. He'll send a technician at my Adress to see the whole situation. I must say the reason i'm telling you all this,online on forums is because this guy Kevin ****** is Honestly the best Customer Support guy i have ever spoken to IN MY LIFE. He is so concentrated at work, ein Sprachtalent, The way he talks and the way he solves problems in unbelievable. I am very very very Positive about this Support assistance offered by him, and i told him straight on the phone " hey i want to leave a feedback, cause this is unbelievable.. i thank you so much" That's why i spared 30min of my Saturday just to tell you about my experience with UnityMedia support, But i must tell I also have spoken to a guy today while i was trying to reach to ***** on the Call Center Support phone nr. , I didn't got his name but i explained him the problem i explained him what i've spoken with ***** and but has shown very very little interest regarding my problem compared to ****** Kevin. ****** just wanted to solved my problem shown lot of interest and was concentrated on my problem, he even called me back after talking about my situation with his colleagues. So Thank you very Much Kevin ******, that's why i think he deserve this you know a feedback about my experience and a half of hour of my weekend. thanks a lot!!!

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  • Montag, 06.06.2016 um 15:50 Uhr

We’re very happy to read that our colleague could help you on your journey to become our customer Of course we redirected this lovely feedback to Kevin

Certainly we had to delete his name because of his personal data protection.

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