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Contract takeover

Hello all,

I moved to a flat that has already a UnityMedia DSL. The previous tenant gave me access to the online customer portal and I was able to change the payment setting to my own bank account but the contract is still owned by someone I don't know. Can I takeover the contract without the consent of the original owner? If not, can I cancel it? if not, am I now stuck with that contract?

Thank you for your time.

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  • Freitag, 30.08.2019 um 11:15 Uhr

if you want to take the contract to from someone you need to do it officially.
You should fill this form and sent it to us. ( https://www.unitymedia.de/privatkunden/hilfe_service/wissenswertes/vertragsuebernahme/&nbsp
Its not possible to take the contract from him without the consent of the original owner.
Please contact us, so that we can have a closer look at the account.
Its a little bit complicated, because you are not the owner of the contract.



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Best regards Ricky