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Need a help with a connection to Unity media

Good morning,

I have requested a connection to UnityMedia from check24.de in January and since that time I haven't received a box with modem. May be I'm missing something because my German is not good and perhaps I need to do something to make Unitymedia send a box with modem?

Thanks in advise!
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6 Kommentare
  • Mittwoch, 11.01.2017 um 11:13 Uhr
did you get any emails from check24 or other firms that your order is in work ???

  • Mittwoch, 11.01.2017 um 11:16 Uhr
if not, order directly from Unitymedia Homepage. You got special prices for online order.
  • Mittwoch, 11.01.2017 um 11:16 Uhr
Yes, check24 sent me a letter that order sent to Unitymedia and then I called Unitymedia support and told that I ordered internet for 1 address but need to receive a modem on another one (because of I'm moving to new flat) and support told me that address is changed and modem will be sent to my current location.

But since my last call time ~10 days past. That's why I need to understand what's going on and what do I need to do
  • Mittwoch, 11.01.2017 um 11:20 Uhr
ask at support for number to track and trace your delivery online.....
  • Mittwoch, 11.01.2017 um 11:23 Uhr
Could you tell please - is there a way to ask for support in english by phone or there is only way to write here http://www.unitymedia.de/services/kontakt/?

Thank you.
  • Mittwoch, 11.01.2017 um 12:08 Uhr
you can try to chat from unitymedia homepage.... upper rigt side :
click on : Hilfe&Beratung - and then chat symbol