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Ich habe 500MB in DE vertraglich frei, dürfen 200 MB in Spanien 60 Euro kosten?

First of all I would like to apologize for writting in English but unfortunately my level of German is not very good and I didn't feel fine to post something with mistakes.
We have a contract with unitymedia with 2 sim cards. We are on holidays in Spain and for our surprise we got the following sms:
“Lieber Kunde, der mtl. Maxilmalbetrag von 59,50 EUR für EU-Daten-Roaming ist nahezu erreicht- Danach entstehen keine weiteren Kosten fürdie Internetnutzung.”
At the beginning I thought it was just the old automatic sms but I want to ensure that nothing wrong happened. As of 15.06 for all contract within EU there is no roaming fees and taking in to account that I have 500MB for free in the contract (each of them, mine and my wife) and we had spent only 200MB I believe this is a mistake as charging extra costs would go against current regulation.
I wanted to contact unitymedia but I can't find any e-mail to contact them. We have disconnected both sim cards to avoid further issues. Could any of you provide me an e-mail where to contact them?
Thank you in advance for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you
Best regards,
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  • Sonntag, 13.08.2017 um 19:09 Uhr
You can write to kundenservice@unitymedia.de, but you'll have to wait about weeks for an answer.
  • Montag, 14.08.2017 um 13:02 Uhr
You are right - the is no EU-Roaming anymore. So you hould contact the UM service and ask for correction an refund.
  • Montag, 14.08.2017 um 17:39 Uhr
Thank you for your answers!