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WIFISPOT activation problem

Hello everyone.

I am having trouble with activating my WIFISPOT account.

I have successfully switched on the WIFISPOT (its green) but I am unable to enter the required PASSWORD.

It seems that only after successful password saving I can use WIFISPOT.

Here is what i did.

Logged into my customer login -> My product-> Internet -> WIfiSpot setting 

Username already present unimedia / myemailID

And now i need to enter password (respecting password rules).

And after trying to save the password. the save password button seems irresponsive

I tried at different location, mobile, laptop, bowser etc. nothing worked.

Please help me.

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  • Mittwoch, 27.03.2019 um 19:59 Uhr


I had same issue with not able to change WiFiSpot the password.

So, the Customer care agent reset my customer account and i registered my account again.

Now this time i was not able to set WiFiSpot password at all.

After a million attempts to catch english speaking customer care, she told me to use the UNITYMEDIA KUNDENCENTER APP for mobile.

I used this app to set the WiFiSpot password and it worked.

However i am still struggling to log in into hotspot  that is a different issue.

I guess i am half way there , hope i will reach there fingers crossed 

Hope this helps !

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