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WIFI problem/unitymedia contract

Dear All,

I have since a long time a problem with my WIFI internet (unitymedia contract since 2014). I have visited the unitymedia shop several times and asked for help. They told me to call the hotline but I never managed to get in line as it is always busy.

I dont find a way to contact online in the new customer servive (kundencenter). I only sent email to kundenservice@unitymedia.de

have since very long time problem with my internet connection. I am
super unhappy with my internet. Especially now that I have to work homeoffice, the speed of wifi is very slow and
there are alot of disconnection!
Last time unitymedia technician
told me that there is alot of WIFI around my place and he said changing and using new generation of modem as solution.
Can this option solve the issue?

I have wrote this but so far I have not get any help from your helpservice.
I hope I can get a help here.

Thank you and best wishes
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