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Unitymedia blocked my connection

Problem was solved after a week, call there 4times in a row, no one could answer what's the problem. Just reboot the modem!!! That's all they wanted me to do! I didn't work! I did it for a thousand times, but it never worked! So they scheduled a technician to fix our internet after 4 times of calling. We waited for a week for our internet to work, and then when the technician checked all the lines, cables and connection, he said it's not a technical problem in our end, but it's Unity Media's problem! Then he called someone from Unity Media and within a couple of mins, it worked!!!! So basically, it was BLOCKED!!!!! THIS TECHNICAL SUPPORT AGENT WERE A MESS! THEY CAN'T EVEN PROPERLY CHECK THE PROBLEM AND THE CUSTOMERS ISSUE ON THEIR COMPUTER!!!! THEY CAN'T EVEN DIAGNOSE WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM! AFTER THAT, WE EVEN GOT CHARGED A COUPLE OF EUROS MORE!!! THIS IS SOOOOO DEVASTATING!!!👹👹👹
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  • Freitag, 09.02.2018 um 16:57 Uhr
Nope, neither UM nor the call center agent can do anything for it. Obviously the configfile had exploded, and the agent can not recognize that. If the problem is resolved, contact Customer Service again and get a credit for the incident period. There is usually not stingy UM, but if you like the screaming on the phone, like here, you will not achieve much.
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