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UM unreliable internet

We have a "Cisco EPC3208 EuroDocsis 3.0 2-PORT EMTA EPC3208".

The internet connection has always been very very unreliable.

I do not think it is because of our router or modem.

We are in NRW (Aachen).

I believe Unity media's 6to4 is to blame - I found out about 6to4 because we cannot hit the ipv4 address from outside.

I have tried rebooting the modem and router together.
When the connection returns, we get 7 to 11 ms ping, and 35Mbps as per our contract.
But once I initiate a useful connection, for example netflix, a website, or a game, etc, the connection clearly makes a change.
Our ping becomes 700+ and speed reduces to <25mbps.

The performance is bad enough that my browser is constantly saying the connection has been reset.

Wir haben ein "Cisco EPC3208 EuroDocsis 3.0 2-PORT EMTA EPC3208".

Die Internetverbindung war immer sehr unzuverlässig.

Ich glaube nicht, dass es an unserem Router oder Modem liegt.

Wir sind in NRW (Aachen).

Ich glaube, das 6to4 von Unity Media ist schuld - ich habe über 6to4 herausgefunden, weil wir die ipv4-Adresse nicht von außen erreichen können.

Ich habe versucht, das Modem und die Router zusammen neu zu starten.

Wenn die Verbindung wieder hergestellt wird, erhalten wir einen Ping von 7 bis 11 ms und gemäß unserem Vertrag 35 Mbps.

Sobald ich jedoch eine nützliche Verbindung eingegangen bin, z. B. Netflix, eine Website oder ein Spiel usw., ändert sich die Verbindung eindeutig.

Unser Ping wird 700+ und die Geschwindigkeit wird auf <25 MBit / s reduziert.

Die Leistung ist schlecht genug, dass mein Browser ständig sagt, dass die Verbindung zurückgesetzt wurde.

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6 Kommentare
  • Donnerstag, 29.11.2018 um 17:11 Uhr
Hi Arpaterson,

it seems that your internet connection use ds lite. You can check this directly in your devise  under settings.

If you use an IPv4 connection before, please contact our customer support by chat.




  • Donnerstag, 29.11.2018 um 17:48 Uhr
We are using our own router, no fritzbox and we don't have one.

In the Cisco EPC3208, the configuration file is:


In the Kunden-center, we have a connection type of ipv4 listed..

Is it possible UM have changed this without consulting us?
If so, it would be preferred that they restore our ipv4, or updated our hardware and plan to be consistent and work together.
Doing it this way, without telling us, we have working internet, but just found ourselves unhappy with the performance. 

I will contact the chat. Perhaps theres a problem with the 6to4.

I am in NRW - do they use 6to4 or DS-lite here? I don't know.

  • Donnerstag, 29.11.2018 um 17:49 Uhr
We have 2play 32, in Aachen
  • Donnerstag, 29.11.2018 um 21:19 Uhr
I never heard from a 3208 using ds-lite.
You configfile means IPv4
If you would have DS-Lite you need very special settings within you router. Without this settings nothing will work.

Most problems with this old Modem regards on power supply.
Unfortunately you have to buy it yourself.
if you contact support you will get a connectbox. This is modem and router together.
  • Sonntag, 02.12.2018 um 19:08 Uhr
We already had the issues with the power supply, I bought a strong high current, correct voltage one. It was not cheap.

I tried extensively to open a port - so that I could run a small server. I was never able to do that. If we have a ipv4 connection, shouldnt that be possible?
Perhaps not a static IP, but with dynamic/DDNS?

The ping was good briefly yesterday. Now back to 700.
Rebooting the modem and router does not help - it seemed to help a few times, but as soon as I opened a connection other than ping, the ping increased to 700.

This sounds very much like UM is doing some translation poorly.
  • Sonntag, 02.12.2018 um 19:09 Uhr
I should mention that sometimes, ookla speedtest gives 35 down, 1 up, and still a high ping.

Other times, the upload test fails to complete at all. - with a "socket error"