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TV connection not requested!


My apologies, I have to text in English as my German is not good enough yet.

I have been customer with Unitymedia since January 2019.

I subscribed to Fly 400, internet + landline only. No TV.

Some days ago, a person from Unitymedia called and proposed the TV service.

We clearly said NO. He replied that it was okay, however some work in the switchboard of the building was needed in order to unable TV connection that was activated by default. We said it was fine and that they could fix an appointment with us so we could be there to let the technician in get the job done. Nobody called again.

I just got the bill and - of course - there is the fee for TV cable connection. Furthermore in my client account it's written that TV service has been activated the 6th of March.

Of course, they did this disgusting trick right after my right of withdrawal expired.

Anyone else in my same condition? What do you suggest to do?

This is the perfect way to destroy any trust and any positive word-of-mouth.

Thank you


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