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The red led 'Internet' keeps blinking on Vodafone Station

Hello Unitymedia community,

I am a new customer of '2play PLUS 50' packet. My activation date on the contract is
07/04/2020. However, until now I can’t connect to the Internet although all the
cables and push-on adapters are connected. The red led 'Internet' keeps
blinking on Vodafone Station. I try to call Unitymedia many times for help but
no one replied. Until now, it has been a week after the activation date but
it’s impossible to use the Internet. Can you please help me for fixing my
connections ?

Sorry for writing the question in English since my German is not good.

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  • Mittwoch, 22.04.2020 um 21:48 Uhr

Hi @Cross2964

this is of course very annoying, but unfortunately we can't look into your account from the community to see what's going on.

Did you contact the hotline or also our guides of the socialmedia channels? (FB/Tweeter)

Best regards