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Sehr langsames Internet (maximal 4Mbps) seit September

hi all

I am getting very slow internet since September 2017, with frequent disconnects. I do not get a connection lasting more than 15 minutes.

I tried to contact customer support using multiple channels (portal, phone, twitter, fax). I even had appointments from a technician four times, out of which, they did not show up thrice.

Now last week, I get informed that the since I live in an old building, the wiring in my apartment needs to be replaced, and I should get a written permission from the building management for it.

Question :
1. How true is this assessment? The internet service was fine on the same wiring for over two year. Also, should it take over three months to figure this out?

2. I have paid 40€s per month, with out any service since September. And waiting for approval and wire replacement means another 2-3 months (considering the speed at which unitymedia responds)

Is there a way out of this horrible situation I find myself in? I considered new contracts with "wechel" option, but they will also be effective once the current contract ends.

Is there any way I can get a decent internet at home? In 2018, I should not be needing to beg for the service, even after paying the full amount.
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  • Montag, 26.02.2018 um 01:31 Uhr
It is not impossible that the house wiring is ailing. Unfortunately, as this is owned by the landlord or its commissioned network level 4 operator, he is unfortunately responsible. Since you should obtain a permit, the landlord has objected to a modernization or the corresponding construction measures. Either you get the permission and lead them to Unitymedia or you unfortunately have to live with the bad condition until the end of the contract or terminate the contract extraordinarily.
  • Dienstag, 27.02.2018 um 11:12 Uhr
Hey Torsten,
Thanks for the inputs. Meanwhile, I got the following response from the building manager :

da zwischen dem Eigentümer der Liegenschaft und der Firma UnityMedia lediglich ein Vertrag über TV-Anschluss besteht, wenden Sie sich bei Problemen hinsichtlich Ihres Internetanschlusses an Ihren Vertragspartner UnityMedia.
Da Leitungen im Gebäude bestehen, ist eine Neuverlegung von Kabeln aktuell von uns nicht vorgesehen.

Now, both the landlord and unitymedia say that they cannot do anything. I am stuck with no internet service, and still being charged for it.
You mentioned extraordinary termination. Could you provide some details about it? Does that mean I can get the contract revoked immediately under some conditions?