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Problem with network stability


I have been using the Unitymedia/Vodafone 1Gbit/s connection at my new place for about a week now and i was hoping things would get better but they have not so i decided to try my luck here

I have the Vodafone station TG3442DE in case that is relevant.

The problem is that the WiFi connection is quite unstable since the first day. Every few hours there would be either some gap in network connectivity which either leads to dropped connections or lag spikes depending on what i am doing at that time. This even happens if i am in the same room as the router. I have tried to split the SSIDs and tried using both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks but that did not seem to work for me. I tried using the 1 combined SSID with band steering and that also had no positive impact. The speedtest is fine (goes up to 700-750 on ethernet cable and around 600 on wifi in the same room as the router but its only the stability/packet loss that causes problems for me.

I hope you guys could give me some suggestions on what i could do to resolve this issue as currently i am not able to take calls on home office effectively (lots of lag and breaking voices). It is concerning if my phone network is more reliable than my cable based internet connection



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  • Freitag, 08.05.2020 um 16:35 Uhr
I would like to add some information here.

My firmware version is which after some browsing of issues seems to be outdated? Not sure how i can get a newer Firmware rolled out to my device.