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MyFritz.net - FritzBox 6320 - non-public IPv4/IPv6 address?

I hope English is Ok?

I have not been able to access our router via the internet, because I get the error below. From my understanding is our FritzBox directly connected to the Internet so how does one get UnityMedia to assign a public IP address?

For IPv4:
"Warning: your FRITZ!Box has registered with a non-public IPv4 address in the MyFRITZ! system. This address cannot be accessed from the Internet. The redirection to your FRITZ!Box will probably fail.

This message may have the following possible causes:
Your FRITZ!Box is not connected directly with your Internet connection but is used behind other NAT routers. MyFRITZ! can be used only if your FRITZ!Box is connected directly with the Internet.
Your Internet service provider did not assign an IPv4 address to your FRITZ!Box. This is possible at Internet connections used with the dual-stack lite protocol. Consult your Internet service provider to find out how to enable IPv4 connections at your Internet account or connect your FRITZ!Box using IPv6."

For IPv6:
"You will be routed to this address in the next seconds. https://<>

If routing fails, please check the following sources:
Make sure that your FRITZ!Box is connected to electrical power and ready for operation.
Make sure that your FRITZ!Box is connected to your Internet connection directly and is not operated behind any other NAT router."
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  • Dienstag, 21.11.2017 um 13:45 Uhr
With Unitymedia you have since 2012/13 as a private customer usually a public IPv6 address, but only a private IPv4 (DualStack lite).
External access therefore only works from one IPv6 connection without additional services. This is currently offered exclusively by T-Mobile in mobile communications.
  • Mittwoch, 22.11.2017 um 16:58 Uhr
Thanks for your reply Torsten, but I am not sure what you mean?  When logging into the myfritz.net I do seem to have an IPv6 connection (something like https://[2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334]:443/myfritz?user=myemail%40gmail.com) but it results in a "This site can’t be reached" with a ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error message.  I am trying to access my router away from home from my laptop so what did you mean with T-Mobile?
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 00:39 Uhr
Is the port your laptop is connected to IPv6 capable? If not, you will never be able to connect without using the help of a portmapper. On T-Mobile I came because you wrote that you want to access your Fritz!BOX on the way. This is actually only on the mobile network and there are only at T-Mobile IPv6, which access is possible.
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 09:58 Uhr
Ok, I was actually just trying to remotely access our FritzBox from a laptop via the internet but it is good to know because my work mobile is with T-Mobile so it should also work via T-Mobile then but there I get the same error "This site can't be reached".

So, what do I need to do  do I find out your question on whether the port is IPv6 capable? 
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 11:51 Uhr
Did you enable IPv6 on your smartphone? Only then do you get an IPv6 address at T-Mobile and can access your Fritzbox.
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 14:02 Uhr
How do you do that on iOS 11?
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 14:03 Uhr
I'm sorry, I don't know that. Have a look on the Apple page.
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 14:04 Uhr
Should accessing a FritzBox remotely really that complicated though?
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 14:18 Uhr
I get a 10/10 on http://test-ipv6.com/index.html but I still get a "This site can’t be reached"
  • Donnerstag, 23.11.2017 um 15:31 Uhr
If you still try the access from an IPv4-connection you won‘t be successful. You have to try from an IPv6-connection.