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Internet connection intermediate problem

The internet in my house does not
work as it should due to slow speed and or drops completely.  For
clarification I have one of those Horizon boxes.  


I did report this to Unitimedia with their online report form showing
the problem.  Which resulted in that I was contacted by a Unitymedia
technician some days/weeks after my report.  I assume it was a technician
from Unitymedia as she did mention in her starting sentence Unitymedia and
Technical problem. 

Unfortunately she only spoke German
which was not very much of a help as I am unabel to communicate in German so
basically conversation ended there.  Since then possibly close to 1 year
has passed or at least it feels like it with the problem still remaining.


Some days the Internet works as
expected with other days not working or working in a limited capacity. The TV
is not affected by this so the cabel is working as it should do. 


I would be intrested
to get feedback from the community if somebody has experince similar
problems.  Do I need a new box or something?  
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2 Kommentare
  • Donnerstag, 25.10.2018 um 17:41 Uhr
I would really suggest you to call the technical support from Unitymedia and ask them, if they can connect you to someone who speaks English, so far in my school, we learned English B1/B2 which should be enough for you, I guess ^^

There will be always this one guy or woman who speaks English
  • Donnerstag, 25.10.2018 um 21:17 Uhr
If you need support in english, don't contact the hotline - use the chat or the @UnitymediaHilfe on Facebook or Twitter. If you chose the chat, go to www.unitymedia.de/privatkunden/kontakt, click on Chat & Email and ignore UBO. If an agent is free, you will be able to connect to him/her.