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Contract Cancellation- Work Contract over- Move to home country outside germany

Deat Unity media team,

My work contract is over and I have to move back to my home country. I have already been using Unity media for last 2.8 years. Due to current travel bans, I cannot fly back to my home country(outside Europe) but have to vacate my current tenancy agreement and looking for a service apartment now. 

What is the possible way to exit the contract? I am assuming that with city de-registration certificate, I can immediately terminate the contract.



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  • Mittwoch, 22.04.2020 um 00:45 Uhr
Unitymedia team is not reading here, unfortunately.
When you do move permanently to a place, where UM is unable to provide its service, you can terminate your contract before its regular end - but only 3 months after the moving, not immediately.