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Blocked internet access via VPN

Recently I have one issue that I can`t use anymore VPN like NordVPN or the VPN from work.

I have the contract with UM since January 2019 and until two weeks everything was working but right now if I activate the VPN I can`t acces any website.

I have read about that UM maybe assigned to me DS-Lite and unfortunatly there is no chance to surf via VPN, if I don`t book PowerUpload and DualStack.

I also caled the Service Support and they said that nothing was changed in the meanwhile and the connection is running as expected from their point of view.

Mention : 

- I also tried to resize the MTU value  but without success.

Do you think that this is correct, in order to pay for something that was available to me last month?

Are there any other option?

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2 Kommentare
  • Freitag, 31.05.2019 um 13:31 Uhr
Hey adrian,

only for my understanding, at first you can use the vpn- connection, but after 2 weeks it doesn´t work anymore? 

If your contract started in jan 2019, then you had ds-lite from the beginning. So that can´t be the reason for the issue. Did you change anything in your settings? Which hardware did you use?



  • Samstag, 08.06.2019 um 20:25 Uhr
Hello Claire,

I was able to use VPN connection until 30 April, and I think since 1st of May is not working anymore.

I did not changed any settings when it first occurred this problem.

I have Connect Box as router and I tried the VPN connection from iPhone 7 and from HP zBook 17 G4, I`m facing the same issues on both of machines.

What do you think it happened?