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Wireless Communication Problem to Internet Router

Hello Everyone,

I have a strange problem with my unitymedia internet connection.This is a new connection and from first day , I do have the problem.

I loose internet connection to my laptop and android phone regularly,The further investigation found that is ---Wireless network remain connected , But the gateway & DNS non responsive to ping and communication.If I disable and enable wireless at laptop/mobile,It will start working , But again goes to same issue after a short time.

I have contacted unity media support over email,But no response or support either.

When tries to contact customer support over phone,Unfortunately no English support and I am new to Germany and don't know it. 

Can anyone of you to give some idea , How can I take it forward?



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3 Kommentare
  • Montag, 16.12.2019 um 18:15 Uhr
Hello Deepu,

Have you already checked your performance via LAN to exclude a fundamental loss of your booked service? Therefore please use this one, the test results of the speedtests will directly be uploaded to our service tool so my colleagues can check them out as well.

We also got English-speaking costumer consultants who are willing to help you find the source of disturbance. You can contact us via social media or using the messenger within our costumer service centre app for Android or iOS.

  • Montag, 16.12.2019 um 20:26 Uhr
Hello Feline,

Thank you for your response.I have done the speedtest and that result also not that impressive.

My internet disconnection problem is really annoying and request your support to get it fixed.

  • Dienstag, 17.12.2019 um 12:45 Uhr

Hello Deepu, 

this is a community in which customers help other customers. We Guides do not have access to your account here.

As Feline said, please contact our customer support, if you like to on the digital way (like Facebook). The colleagues can then carry out a troubleshooting analysis. 

I keep my fingers crossed that the problem will be solved quickly and wish you a happy holiday season. ♥


- Janice