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Internet not possible??

Hello! I moved in Aachen about 3 weeks ago and I bought a Internet pack(I think this is how is called here). The technician verified the Internet cable from the basement of the Block of flats and when he verified in my flat, he told me that is not possible to have Internet because I don't have a Internet Cable in the flat. Is that possible? If his answer is corect and I cannot have Internet in my flat, can I get my money back or something? 
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  • Mittwoch, 14.08.2019 um 18:37 Uhr
You can write the comments in Deutch if you want, I will paste it down in Google Translate.
  • Mittwoch, 14.08.2019 um 21:10 Uhr
As I understood:

- you already have a running contract and you just moved to the new location

- the technician did not find a cable port in your new flat 

- the new house your are living in generally has an incoming cable connection 

- a unitymedia technican tried to setup your hardware on your new location after your moving

Usually if its not possible the technician will return the order to unitymedia with the info that the location is not providable. Same thing if there is no possibility of earthing the heating-/gas-system.

In this case you are able to reverse the contract or unitymedia will do this. You should ask the customer support hotline to make sure the contract will end. This should be an extraordinary cancellation reason.

But, ... I am a little surprised that a house is connected to the cable network but the flat inside isn't. Maybe you overlooked a connection port behind a shelf or behind the wallpaper or something?

b. regards,