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Horizon Box Installation

Hi! Since my technical German is not so good I post this in English (But feel free of answering in German). Yesterday the technicians installed my Horizon box but it does not finish installation.
Summary of the events: Technicians installed a new cable and splitter from the working line of my neighbour. Connected the Horizon box and said it would take 1-2 hours to move from "Installation" in the box screen to indicate Sprache selection on the TV. "Installation" did not disappear even after 10h but Sprache screen came to the TV. However that screen was frozen. Even though the remote control was connected (e.g. volume could be change,, HDMI port could be selected), there was no way to move on. We decided to boot, Box shows a phone and house symbol los, then move to "installation", TV screen shows an empty menu, but does not move on. I called phone support and said I might need to wait one more day (!). I don't think the problem is that the box was installed to early, indeed it was suppose to be installed 2 weeks ago but the old cable was not good and thus a new cable was brought yesterday. Any thoughts??

Vielen Dank!
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  • Freitag, 02.06.2017 um 11:45 Uhr
Hi Acebron, usually the technician who did the installation would have to check the signal and availability of a back channel of your line. If the Horizon Box is registered and the line and back channel are fine it should install right away (within 30 minutes max. including self tests/calibration). This is definitely within Unitymedia's responsibility and their subcontractors should not leave before the HBox has a signal and all services are up and running. Insist on a technician doing a proper first setup and not leave you before all services are operational. 
  • Freitag, 02.06.2017 um 12:24 Uhr
Thanks a lot for your answer! I will call unitymedia again this afternoon to arrange as second visit as soon as possible.