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English speaker with new service that does not work and no customer service

We ordered internet service and a box was delivered to our apartment in Essen Wednesday Oct 24. We tried to connect, but the box would not connect. WiFi signal worked, but no internet connection.

We called the phone number and waited on hold for 45 minutes but no answered the phone.

While at work on Thursday, I was able to connect to web chat and waited for and English speaking agent. The agent said our service had not been activated yet, so he activated it. On Thursday night we tried again, but there was no Internet connection. We tried calling the phone number again and waited for 45 minutes on hold, but no one answered.

On Friday, we called the phone number again and got through after about 30 minutes of holding, but after a long phone, no one could understand what the other side was saying and it was clear that there was no phone support for English language and chat would be our only option.

I tried chat again Friday and was able to connect to after waiting for 30 minutes. The agent could not help us other than to say "press the reset button" or "unplug the box and restart." We had tried all of these things already. She passed our information to a technician or engineer and said we should receive a text within.  We received no more communication.

I attempted chat again on Monday (yesterday) but waited for 3 hours and could not connect to anyone. I attempted to send a note using the email function. The email did not send when I pressed the button, just sat there attempting to send. I tried 3 more times, but still the note would not send.

I'm trying to connect to chat again today, but have been waiting for 2 hours and have not connected.

We can not call. We can not chat. We can not send a message. What are our options here?

Thank you!
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2 Kommentare
  • Mittwoch, 31.10.2018 um 12:08 Uhr

Hello tj00001,

that really doesn´t sound like a pleasant start for your partnership with Unitymedia. Did you reach someone in the chat by now? As an alternative you could write a private message to "Unitymedia Hilfe" on Facebook or Twitter.

Greetings Jakob

  • Mittwoch, 31.10.2018 um 12:59 Uhr

Hi Jakob, thank you for your reply.  Yes, it continues to be a very bad

I have been trying all day to chat, but still haven't gotten
through.  My girlfriend sent a private
message via facebook but has not gotten a response yet.  I found an email address for support and sent
an email, but haven't gotten a response yet. 
(But I have gotten multiple marketing spam emails to buy more products)

My girlfriend also called the phone number for new
customers.  Surprise!  That has English support and they answer the phone immediately.  Once she explained the situation, they told
her to go to chat and "we have English support by phone."  As she further explained, they kept repeating
that they could not help us and ended up hanging up on us multiple times.

I still plan to go to a store in person for help.

Is the entire company on holiday this week?

Thank you!