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Port Sharing and DynDNS using Fritz!Box

I would like to access my device (Raspberry Pie) from the internet (external) which is connected to my router by LAN. I have Fritz!Box 6490 (Unitymedia) and I use DynDNS service from no-ip.com (AAAA type). I tried to use the router's DynDNS but it did not seem to work. Then I configured the DynDNS in the device (Ubuntu). The problem is, however, when I try to use Port Sharing in the router, it does not work although I have allowed access (firewall) in the device by running all the necessary commands such as installing open-ssh and sudo ufw allow ssh and ufw allow 22. When I use port checker website (from an outside device), they says that the port is not open on my public IP address. Does anyone have an idea about what is wrong? Is it because of ipv4 vs ipv6? Is it because DynDNS is configured in the device and port forwarding in the router (i.e. do they have to be both on the router)? The port sharing seems pretty easy, it just needs the device name and the port (e.g. 22). 

Appreciate your help,


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