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How do I port forward? Connect Box - Rainbow Six Siefe

I recently received a connect box, and I cannot play rainbow six siege since the NAT is too strict. I went into the modem to try and port forward, however the option is not there.

This is extremely frustrating since it took over two weeks for Unity Media to send us the proper parts that were missing in the initial box. Then charge us an installation fee when nobody came to install anything... 

Please help, I just want to play my game.

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  • Donnerstag, 17.05.2018 um 10:42 Uhr
If you have a residential connection that was first deployed after April 2013, then you have a pure IPv6 connection. With IPv6, there are no port shares, because you have to create appropriate shares.
This does not bother you if the service is only accessible via IPv4. All IPv4 traffic is routed via IPv6 via the DS lite tunnel and "translated" and forwarded in the AFTR in IPv4. The way back works the same way.
But for the AFTR, you can not create port shares because all customers connected to your node via IPv6 only use it.
It would also bring you nothing to buy your own cable modem with router and to activate by UM, because even there the problem would exist.
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