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Email received regarding collecting the machine

Hello, I'd like to ask about the email I received today from Unitymedia.
Today I received an email which seems asking me if I have something left to send back to you and if so, to send it back in 10 days with the title of 'Wichtige Infomation von Unitymedia'.
Actually I sent all I got from Unitymedia in 17th of August and I found it was delivered to you from the DHL website.
So I can't understand why this email was sent to me with what kind of purpose.
Therefore, now I don't know how to respond to this email.
Furthermore, I am not in Germany as I came back to my country.
So please let me know what this is about.
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  • Samstag, 30.09.2017 um 16:40 Uhr
you are here in a forum of customers for customers. We have no insight into your customer account!
You can only scan the receipt document and send it by e-mail to kundenservice@unitymedia.de. Please enter your customer number as well as name and current address of the connection and write to it that you have already sent back all devices and any smartcards.
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