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Issue with WiFi coverage

Hello Unitymedia,

I have issues with WiFi coverage.

At the moment, Vodafone Station has stable internet connectivity.

But the WiFi has poor coverage, within the room where the Vodafone Station resides, it has better WiFi coverage and speed, if I move 15 feet away (i.e) to the next room, WiFi signal strength becomes poor.  Often, Internet connection loss.

This is not only with one device, but I have also tried a few other devices too, it has a similar experience. Could you assist in improving WiFi coverage?

btw, the modem is placed in the upright position and device details in below.
Firmware version: 
Productname:                 Vodafone Docsis 3.1 
  Hardware Type & Version 7

K.Deepak Balaji.
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  • Dienstag, 25.02.2020 um 15:14 Uhr
Hello iamaserverguy,

there are of course many disturbing factors that can degrade the WLAN signal. These can be devices such as TV, microwave etc. or even old copper pipes. The placement of the routers also plays a role.

Please have a look at the following website about WLAN optimization and try out some things.

If you need help, you can always contact our customer support.

Many greetings,