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New home internet contract - Order Status

Hi team,


I am already an existing customer with Vodafone and I wanted to have home internet connection too, so on Friday (10-Apr-2020) I have placed an order for new contract (home internet connection) by calling Vodafone customer care. And he confirmed he placed the order and he informed that I'll be receiving mail confirmation, but still I didn't receive any. I even tried to check the status of order using the Vodafone portal by providing first name, last name and postal code but no results displayed from that search. 

Request you to please let me know my order number and where can I check the current status.




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  • Montag, 04.05.2020 um 11:42 Uhr
Hello Venky,

this is a forum for customers help customers. You are welcome to contact us in customer support via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Many greetings,